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LISTEN TO HIFICLUBE TALKING REVIEWS.jpg now has audio versions of new articles and reviews originally published in English and Portuguese in text form.

You can start listening right now by clicking here.

This idea came from a great audiophile and friend who read our articles regularly for many years until he started to lose his sight and couldn't read anymore.

His only hobby is listening to music, so now he can also hear our articles, especially reviews, read by a female voice in Portuguese and a male voice in English.

Audio reviews are a convenient and accessible alternative to traditional print reviews for people with visual impairments or other reading difficulties, or for those who prefer to listen while they engage in other activities such as driving or exercising.

You can listen to the audio version at the beginning and end of each article by clicking on the link to the MP3 version. For editorial reasons, talking reviews may be shortened at times.

Find here the first talking review already published in English:

B&W 705 S3 – the last of the Mohicans

Please spread the word and let us know if you find this idea useful.


Talking reviews on

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