World of McIntosh New York - Episode Two

Hifi and the City - Episode Two: a special press conference with collective presentations of new products at the WOM Townhouse-PreviewImage

Grand opening

The official WOM Townhouse trailer

produced by Pomp&Clout and Directed by Shomi Patwary & Ryan Staake

The gathering at the Townhouse

A selected group of journalists from USA, Europe and Asia gathered at the WOM, Towhouse, in NY primarily to attend the world’s first presentation of four new products (see Episode One) from the World Of McIntosh Group - formerly known as Fine Sounds - plus the Pryma headphone set, which deserves a special article in itself as the first - or prima - in a line of a new functional art concept objects.

Not just audiophile tools but also fashion accessories, that Mauro Grange hopes will unite both worlds. And yet most of these products had already been premiered at the Salon du Son&Image in Paris (see related articles).

So we were really there to witness the ‘rite of passage’ of brands like Sonus Faber and Audio Research, which in themselves are well known and respected worldwide, from the niche audiophile market to the wider recognition umbrella in USA of the most iconic of American audio names: McIntosh.

Fear not, ‘McIntosh’ will not be the leader brand as such just a general label that encompasses all the group brands with equity, liberty and fraternity.

Mauro Grange stated clearly in his presentation (watch video below), in association with Larry Marcus, President of Paragon Sight & Sound the first to open a WOM Experience Center in his store in Michigan, that the heritage, tradition, independence and quality of all the individual brands will be respected.

The beautiful Towhouse in Soho is just the first WOM Experience Center, the meeting point and melting pot of different and now converging similar audiophile cultures, which they intend to implement and open all over the world.

And when I asked Mauro how to achieve that desideratum in countries like mine where brands have different distributors, the answer was reassuring:

‘We will always respect the individual work of all our distributors and only when and wherever possible we will try to reach a consensus to join efforts in order to achieve the goal of a common WOM Experience Center’.

Enough writing, let’s give the front stage to the true actors of this revolutionary and enlightening play at the Townhouse theatre of dreams: Mauro and Larry, Fiore, Livio, Mirko, Paolo and Mike live (and very much alive!, indeed), ending with the roaring of a Red Bull race car courtesy of Dolby in ATMOS surround sound driven by Ron Cornelius of McIntosh. And, of course, the privileged audience choir, caught on video in a ‘take-five’ moment which turned into a ‘take-fifty’ for coffee and lunch.

Enjoy the edited video clips.

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Hifi and the City Episode Two: a special press conference with collective presentations of new products at the WOM Townhouse PreviewImage