High End 2022 Munich – full report by Pedro Henriques (English)

High End 2022 Munich - Innuos presents the new NextGEN PSU

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Innuos is a Portuguese brand for sure

Innuos represents the rarity of being Portuguese in the audio universe. But that's not the only reason why Innuos deserves our support. The road to hell is paved with good ideas, but Innuos slowly found its own path to audio heaven. The PSU Next-GEN is just another step towards discovering the Holy Grail.

Innuos has already made the giant leap from the open exhibition area to the prime location upstairs where the audio industry 'sharks' swim. It is a sign that Innuos has gained commercial importance and the institutional respect of its peers.

So, I was received with affection and patriotic sympathy by the Portuguese trio: Amélia, Steven and Nuno. After the cacophony of various dialects being translated into poor English (mine too), it feels good to speak Portuguese.

In Munich, Steven Gomes from Innuos demonstrated the incredible difference a new power supply can make to the performance of an already high-quality server like the top of the range Statement.

The power supply upgrade to the new Next-GEN version results from the continued efforts of Innuos' Research and Development department in close collaboration with Dr Sean Jacobs. The improvement in sound quality is remarkable and has been achieved through the innovative design of the Power Supply and significant component upgrades.

The Power section uses two custom-designed ARC6 AC/DC modules – each containing a new high-precision Active Rectifier board, a massive 10mH DC Choke and almost 4 times more capacitance provided by six Mundorf caps.

The ARC6 modules are mounted on the new Adaptive Vibration Control (AVC) platform, a combination of Panzerholz wood with a specific density gel layer highly effective at dampening high-frequency vibration coming from the chassis.

The Regulator modules include a dedicated CPU Booster module in the Server section, providing up to 15A of current to the CPU for faster transients. All rails are further smoothed by new Audio Note KAISEI capacitors benefitting all the main components: Motherboard, USB Reclocker, Ethernet Clock module and SSD.

But this is what the Anglo-Saxons call technical gibberish. The results can be heard distinctly even on a recording made with a mobile phone and a subwoofer in the next room.

Live, the difference is so big that it's frightening. How is it possible? Try to focus on the bass guitar riff at the beginning of the track. The percussion also gains tension and definition; bass guitar lines become precise. Michel Jonasz's voice is more distinct, and the moog synthesiser's high-range sounds get under control.

Pulse Mini, Pulse and Pulsar

The names sound like something out of a science fiction film. And, in fact, it seems pure fiction: Innuos servers at a Chinese product price.

In the video, Nuno Vitorino presents (in Portuguese) these new affordable servers with 'Innuos sound', starting at one thousand Euros: the Pulse Mini, the Pulse and the Pulsar (with external power supply).

Who said that only the rich were entitled to a piece of heaven?

High End 2022 Innuos Statement