Sonus Faber Fenice: Highend Arises From The Ashes



3.5 way, lyra shape design, state-of-the-art vibration cancellation optimized, sound field shaper variable geometry radiation, stealth reflex , loudspeaker system.

Acoustic enclosure:



As an evolution of the “Lute shape”, Fenice introduces the “Lyra shape”. Technically speaking, the dual curvature, special cross grained plywood, used in a double thickness constriction layer damped configuration, has significant advantages compared to the single curvature variant used previously, in terms of low coloration.



The enclosure is decoupled from the floor through a patent pending suspension system, eliminating any vibration transmission and acoustic feedback.

The “Anima legata” system is based on the two clamshells, i.e. CNC anodized Aluminium machined vibration “conveyors” ( on the top and on the bottom of the cabinet ) that “collect” the vibrations coming from the cabinet walls and the transducers, like the parabola of an antenna.

The two clamshells are rigidly connected by a special steel rod, a high speed mechanical interface, the “Soul Pole”, that concentrates the vibrations to the “Multiple Tuned Mass Damper”, a device usually used in record height skyscrapers and F1 cars to critically damp structural resonances, by oscillating in anti-phase.  

High frequency spectrum:



A 25 mm ultra dynamic linearity hybrid Neodymium/Samarium-Cobalt Larsen/Goeller ring radiator, visco-elastically decoupled from the main baffle board. It is implemented with a natural wood acoustic labyrinth rear chamber, with a mechanical anti-resonator designed for this application.

Middle frequency spectrum:



It is the key element among the drivers designed for the Fenice. The “6.5” cone has been chosen according to the most natural sound, by blending a traditional cellulose pulp with Papyrus and other natural fibers . The powerful Neodymium magnet system with the 1.5” voice-coil, is of the “well hung” type.

The basket of this unit has been thoroughly optimized to eliminate any resonance, it is fully CNC machined from solid billets of Avional and Gun metal. The combination of the 2 different metals allows to eliminate any mutual resonance. The same way as the tweeter, the midrange is decoupled from the main baffle board.  

Low frequency spectrum:


The two 10” woofers have been designed to blend perfectly with our special midrange, and at the same time to have absolute definition in their range. The solution has been an innovative “sandwich” cone structure where the high-tech syntactic foam core is covered on the two external surfaces by coated cellulose pulp skins, that have the same sonic character of the midrange cone.

The 3” voice-coils on Kapton formers allow an unlimited dynamic performance and low hysteresis.


Infra low frequency spectrum:


For this frequency range, the king of the diameters has been chosen; the 15”. For maximum rigidity here also a sandwich structure has been selected, in this case the skins are made of nano carbon fibre, on the syntactic foam core . The 4” voice-coil has been optimized to have progressive damping , through the use of both Kapton and Avional in the former, to control the Lorentz currents performance to different listening rooms, it is possible to adapt the SPL of the infra woofer.

Sound field shaper :  



To control the direct/reverberant radiation of Fenice, the sound field module can be optimized in terms of azimuth and SPL.


The tweeter is a ring radiator dome derivative, with the peculiarity of optimized off-axis radiation. The mid-woofer is a 4.5” unit, a “classic” Sonus faber choice, in this case a 4th generation derivative of the unit used on the original Minima. It is powered by a Neo Hexadyn motor and uses a cone with the same paper pulp/papyrus/natural fibers as the front midrange.

The crossover :



The crossover has the new “progressive slope” structure , with optimized phase/amplitude response, as already seen on the Cremona M and Liuto range. The absolutely maximum quality is used in terms of the components : Mundorf Silver/Gold/Oil capacitors , Jantzen cross coil inductors.


Frequency response :20Hz – 35000Hz , Stealth Reflex included.   Sensitivity : 92 db spl (2.83V/1m).

Nominal impedance : 4 ohm.

Power handling : 100W- 1KW , without clipping.

Dimensions : 1713 x 747mm x 791mm (HxWxD)

Weight : 610 Kg per pair – net weight.

Cost: over €140.000