Highend 2014 Munich

Highend 2014 - Munich - Part 1

The best High End show on Earth is now also the biggest

JVH reports from the M.O.C. in Munich, for the most complete editorial cover of the High End 2014. Stay tuned this weekend and beyond.

Enjoy JVH first HD slideshow (1920 x 1080) direct from the M.O.C. in full screen to get you in a Munich state of mind, walk with us and watch all the new, beautiful and sometimes incredible audio products set to sail to the global market sea.

More than 50 photos in glorious HD featuring ultra highend products distributed in Portugal by:

Imacustica, Ultimate Audio Elite, Delaudio, Esoterico, Ajasom, Luz e Som, Topaudio

It is important to always select full screen and 1080p resolution for best image quality. If you have a slow connection try 720p as a second choice. Lower than that and you are missing what the highend is all about...

And if you like some weird looking audio stuff, mainly loudspeakers and amplifiers, the M.O.C. in Munich is the place to go. Just check it out!

The best High End show on Earth is now also the biggest