Highend 2014 Munich

High End 2014 - Munich - Part 2

The recordings don't do justice to the real sound being played in each room, nor does it mean these were the few chosen best sounds at the show, only because I might have missed some good ones yet, and that would not be fair even under poor show listening conditions.

However they illustrate well enough what was happening in the rooms when I passed by (background noise and all: people talking, doors slamming...) and thought to myself: this is sounding so good it deserves to be shared right now with Hificlube readers and followers all over the world with some raw editing to cut people standing in front of the camera.

Hence the use of English. A final wrap-up report will be published in Portuguese where the best sounds will be duly mentioned, although the order might give you a hint...

I hasten to clarify that sometimes what is being played affects the recording more than how it is being played, so the quality of the electronics cannot be judged by these sound samples.

For now just sit back and enjoy, preferably in full screen HD 1080p and wearing a good pair of headphones connected to an even better amplifier. And by all means, share the videos with your friends, associates and customers.

New videos will be added as we record and order might altered accordingly.