Highend 2012 - Munique -chapter 3 - Special Transducers: Audio Exclusiv, Audio Nec, Göbel, Jmlb Horns, Pio Sound, Purist, Voxativ


The P 3.1 is a full-range electrostatic loudspeaker, that means the whole frequency range is to be reproduced by one foil without a dynamic subwoofer. That said, the expectations were great but the sound was not. The sound was clean as expected but the lower octaves were missing. The P3.1 looks and sounds like the dutch Audiostatic.


The wide bandwidth mid driver is really a dynamic driver. The lights are just that: 'gaslight' to fool you. The tweeter however is a special ribbon transducer. The new smaller speaker looks better but the old Answer was a better 'answer' to my expectations (bass was deeper and had an organic character). Anyway the AudioNec sounds delightful and very musical, the neon lights notwithstanding. The source was our well known Aurender S-10. I went back thrice to listen to this setup. And that accounts for something when you know how busy a reporter I am...


Although the watermark says it's the Epoque Fine this is really the epoque Reference, the Fine being a smaller floorstanding design. Both their cabinets are made of a special resin and make full use of the bending wave mid-high driver which seems to work like nxt drivers but sounds way better than the latter. I usually smile at the sight of these fantasy drivers. And yet this one sounds better than I expected.


My wife has endured at home for years panel loudspeakers the likes of Magnepan and Apogee. But I am sure she would divorce me - and we have been married for 40 years!... - if I dared to buy a pair of these horns (no pun intended...). But the sound was not that bad. They were associated with a pair of conventional subwoofers, I think.
I could feel the rythm in the music flow. And that's a good thing...


Pio is a new dutch brand of full range electrostatics, although the model Falcon looks like an hybrid to me. They were driven by Krell electronics. They look nice but the sound is really poor and needs improvement. It was my first experience and the conditions (a container) were far from ideal. Maybe some other time, guys!... In Portugal we have an expression: perder o pio...


Martin Logan has shown over and over again and to do it right. Why waste more time? Does Purist sound bad? No, not at all. Driven by KR tubes, I even enjoyed the moments it took me to make this video...



The Voxativ Ampeggio uses a single-driver, designed by the piano manufacturer Schimmel, which looks like a Lowther driver, but with a much greater excursion. Like a bee, which nature shouldn't allow to fly, the Ampeggio just shouldn't, couldn't play like this. The sound is open, dynamic, thrilling to listen to. And at the same time they sound sweet and relaxed. I was flabbergasted by their performance. The best special transducer surprise at the M.O.C.