Wilson Audio Alexandria Xlf: Seek And You Shall Find

Video registado com som directo in loco por JVH em exclusivo para Hificlube
Video registered with direct sound on location by JVH exclusively for Hificlube
My Treasure, sung by Sinne Eeg, from the album Waiting For Dawn. Music to buy and cherish from a danish jazz singer.

Wilson Audio Alexandria XLF is the best dynamic loudspeaker system I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to. It is also very, very expensive. But I did not say I was going to buy it. Yet for those who can, the search for the Graal is over. The XLF is the hidden treasure audiophiles have been looking for all their lives. It came from across the ocean and landed at the end of the rainbow, or even behind a door, somewhere in Lisbon, Portugal.

Seek and you shall find...


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